First Class Mechanical, LLC, can solve all of your water problems – see below for some of the most common!

  1. Cloudy cups and dishes. Minerals in your hard water can build up and stick to cups, dishes, sinks, among other things. If you’re experiencing this, you need a water conditioner – FCM can help you have clearer cups and dishes in no time!


  • Redish-Orange stain in your shower. These stains in your shower are usually the result of a high level of iron in your water. Water with high levels of iron with stain most surfaces it comes in contact with. FCM can determine if this is your problem and build you a custom solution to fix it!

Iron stains on bathtub

  • Green-Blue stains in your shower. If you have stains in your shower that are blue or green, you’ve got problems. Usually this is a sign of high acid levels in your water. Besides just leaving a stain in your shower or tub, acid levels this high could also eat through your pipes and create holes. Call FCM today and we can help you fix the problem and eliminate a call to us in the future when your pipes are leaking!